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by James Florence
November 21, 2019

Are you planning to install a home theater and/or high-end audio/video system? To make the most of your investment, consider these tips for designing, installing and using your system. Read more

by Chris Bjorklund
November 19, 2019

At the end of a recent road trip, my husband and I turned in our rental car without taking a close look at the final bill. Yes, we were distracted because we were running late and didn’t want to miss our flight. The attendant handed me a printed receipt and I stuffed it into my handbag.

A couple of days later, I cleaned out my purse and read the receipt more carefully. I found an unexpected $50 charge on top of the expected $50 drop-off fee. I had extended my rental by a few days and remembered being quoted a different total. Fortunately, the rental car agency responded quickly, reviewed the records and agreed they had made a mistake. Read more

by James Florence
November 14, 2019

Whether you need your sink drain cleared, your water heater repaired or your sewer line replaced, chances are you’ll be calling the same type of service provider: a plumbing contractor. To ensure a quality job, it’s wise to ask a plumber plenty of questions before hiring. Besides verifying proper licensing and insurance, here are a few things you should consider asking. Read more

by Suzanne Carroll
November 12, 2019

With wet weather around the corner, now is the time for homeowners to do a thorough inspection of their homes and yards. After months of dry weather, sudden rains can lead to unexpected damage. Use this checklist to address the areas of your property that tend to be vulnerable during rain events. Read more

by Joy Lanzaro
November 07, 2019

Finding a quality contractor to work on your home can be challenging, but after a natural disaster, it’s even more complicated. With more homeowners needing urgent repair work, contractors are quickly overloaded with requests and opportunities for less-than-honest dealings abound. Read more

by James Florence
November 05, 2019

Interior lighting design isn’t as simple as it might seem. It’s not just about maximizing visibility—it’s also about creating the right ambience, optimizing functionality and lowering energy costs. Whether you’re remodeling your home or you just want to make a few upgrades, a carefully considered design can help you make the most of your interior lighting. Here are a few tips: Read more

by James Florence
October 31, 2019

Everyone knows the best part of Halloween (other than the candy) is dressing up in costume. Most of us have at least one Halloween costume that stands out in our memory, whether it made us feel proud, slightly awkward or downright embarrassed. Whatever the case, these memories can make for amusing and even heartfelt stories later in life. Below, we’ll hear from members of the Diamond Certified Resource team as they reminisce about their most memorable Halloween costumes. Read more

by Suzanne Carroll
October 30, 2019

With wildfires threatening residential areas in multiple parts of California, Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a State of Emergency. Once again, Sonoma County residents must grapple with fire, heat, and smoke affecting their homes and communities.

As previous wildfire events have taught us, recovery is a slow and often confusing process. That’s why we’ve provided a recovery resource page to help you get started and make sense of your options. Visit our California Wildfire Recovery Resource Page

You can also visit our wildfire preparedness page for information on preventing future wildfires. Read more

by Suzanne Carroll
October 29, 2019

Welcome Aboard!

We’re pleased to announce that the following companies have recently been awarded Diamond Certified. That means they’ve passed our rigorous 12-step rating process and scored Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®. Read more

by Chris Bjorklund
October 24, 2019

Have you ever lost your luggage at an airport? I’m not talking about leaving it on the plane or not finding it on the baggage claim carousel. Have you ever left a bag in the airport’s economy parking lot? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll see it again, but it won’t be easy. So, how do you start tracking it down?

Fortunately, this happens to jet-lagged travelers pretty frequently, so airports have a process for bags that are accidentally left behind. (I speak from very recent experience!) The best thing you can do is go back to the airport parking lot or the terminal (if you can) and start talking to people who work there. Read more