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by Chris Bjorklund
February 20, 2014

Do you know the protocol for trimming a tree that’s on your neighbor’s property but reaches into your yard? Watch this video for some helpful information. Read more

by James Florence
February 14, 2014

While insulating exterior walls is standard procedure in residential construction, this isn’t always the case with a home’s interior walls. Actually, many homebuilders neglect to insulate interior walls altogether, which often results in second-rate efficiency and poor soundproofing. For this reason, adding insulation to interior walls can be an inexpensive yet effective way to improve both the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Read more

by Chris Bjorklund
February 10, 2014

Preventing credit card fraud is all about being careful. Watch this video to learn some useful tips. Read more

by James Florence
February 04, 2014

Sometimes when an auto body shop fixes a damaged car, the color of the newly painted bumper may not appear to perfectly match the color of the body. Considering the complex nature of paint matching, there are a few possible explanations that may account for this:

  • The character of paint often differs between metal and plastic surfaces due to dissimilar rates of evaporation during the drying process.
  • Read more

by Chris Bjorklund
January 31, 2014

Watch this video to learn about the numerous benefits of installing a soft water system in your home. Read more

by James Florence
January 28, 2014

When it comes to installing a new furnace, many homeowners assume that bigger is better. However, according to Kent Penning, owner of Cold Craft, Inc., this is far from the case. “Some people assume that more power is better with furnaces, but it’s actually more important to choose one that’s properly proportioned to your home,” he explains. “If anything, it’s better to go with a smaller unit—it’ll do the same job and last longer than an oversized one.” Read more

by Chris Bjorklund
January 21, 2014

Watch this video to learn an easy way to recycle the corks from your old wine bottles. Read more

by James Florence
January 08, 2014

Some of the most substantial water wastage in the home occurs while waiting for hot water to reach a sink or shower. Researchers estimate that in an average single-family household, 5 to 10 gallons of water go down the drain in this manner on a daily basis—a figure that has implications for both water conservation and water bills.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce water loss in your home. One way is to install an ancillary device to improve the efficiency of your hot water delivery system. A recirculation pump, for example, keeps hot water flowing throughout the home’s plumbing system on a continuous loop, making it available with almost no delay. Read more

by Chris Bjorklund
January 02, 2014

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has many valuable resources for consumers. Watch this video to learn about a few of them. Read more

by James Florence
December 23, 2013

Regular cleaning is an essential part of maintaining any floor, but many homeowners fail to realize that there’s often a right way and a wrong way to go about it. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in this regard is using a cleaning product that’s excessively harsh or contains “contaminants.” Here are a couple examples of how using the wrong cleaner can have undesirable consequences.

Hardwood flooring
Steering clear of the wrong cleaning products is important when dealing with hardwood floors. In particular, labels such as “finish revitalizer” or claims to “bring back the old shine” should be red flags. Read more