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by Suzanne Carroll
January 09, 2020

After age 40, our eyes naturally begin to lose the ability to focus on near objects. The clinical term for this phenomenon is presbyopia, but the more common name is farsightedness. This condition can affect people who’ve never had problems with their vision before. With our growing reliance on smartphones and computers for our work and social lives, treating farsightedness is essential for daily comfort. Read more

by James Florence
January 07, 2020

These days, the old-fashioned look is all the rage, especially when it comes to home décor. If you’re installing a new door, fence, deck or similar wood feature, you’ll be glad to know there’s an easy, low-cost technique to artificially age wood and achieve an antique aesthetic. Read more

by James Florence
January 02, 2020

2020 new year fireworks

Every new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start, but there’s something especially significant about the start of a new decade. After all, we tend to remember our history in terms of decades (how often have you heard something referred to as “so ’90s” or “a relic of the ’60s”?). With that in mind, as the 2010s come to a close and the 2020s begin, it’s worthwhile to consider what your life will look like during the next decade. Will you achieve a long-pursued goal such as home ownership or a new career? Will you make a major lifestyle change that improves your physical or mental health? Perhaps you’ll open the doors to personal creativity by learning a new art form or honing an existing one. Read more

by James Florence
December 24, 2019

In addition to being top rated for quality and customer satisfaction, Diamond Certified companies are known for providing Helpful Expertise®. This is especially true for companies whose owners and managers have become Diamond Certified Expert Contributors by sharing their industry expertise via articles and videos on the Diamond Certified website. In 2019, the number of Diamond Certified Expert Contributors continued to grow, bringing another abundant harvest of Helpful Expertise®. In this post, we’ve published a handful of highlights from this year’s Expert tips. Read more

by Suzanne Carroll
December 17, 2019

With PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs affecting millions in Northern California this year, many residents are now searching for alternative methods for powering their homes. Some have turned to portable generators. Although they’re relatively inexpensive, generators consume gasoline, produce noise and fumes, and require regular maintenance to run reliably. For a more permanent and environmentally-friendly solution, some homeowners are investigating solar power. But not all solar systems will provide electricity in the event of a power outage, so it’s important to do your homework before making a decision. Read more

by James Florence
December 12, 2019

Earlier this week, we posted an article featuring expert tips for improving safety in the home. One of these tips dealt with testing door lock components like deadbolts and latches to ensure security. To learn more about this topic, watch this video by Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Gary Lekan of First Lock & Security Technologies.

Read more

by James Florence
December 10, 2019

Above all else, a home should be a safe place. However, there are many basic safety measures most homeowners haven’t even considered. To help you improve safety in your home, we asked six Diamond Certified Expert contributors to share their tips. Read more

by James Florence
December 05, 2019

With the holidays approaching quickly, most people are scrambling to get their shopping done. Unfortunately, buying gifts isn’t as simple as it sounds—after all, you have to figure out what to buy, which can be a challenge depending on who you’re buying for. If you’re feeling stumped on what to get your spouse, relative or close friend, here are 10 unique ideas to consider: Read more

by James Florence
December 03, 2019

The holidays are an interesting time of year for commerce. While industries like retail and travel typically see a spike in sales, others experience a considerable slowdown. For savvy consumers, the latter of these two extremes presents a unique opportunity to save money and get a jump on the coming year. Here are five ways you can take advantage of the holiday slowdown: Read more

by James Florence
November 26, 2019

thanksgiving cornucopia

Every Thanksgiving, we take time to reflect on the things (and, more importantly, people) we’re grateful for. While it’s a worthwhile tradition, there’s just one problem: it only happens once a year. In reality, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time of year we give thanks. According to Robert A. Emmons, a psychologist and professor at UC Davis, we would do well to make this a part of daily life. He calls this the “practice of gratitude” and has spent decades researching and documenting its effects on those who practice it. But what does this look like? And what kinds of effects does it produce? Let’s explore this in more detail. Read more