Behind the Scenes of the 2011 Diamond Certified Directory

by Russ Catanach

Recently, American Ratings Corporation CEO Jim Stein and I visited Creel’s 300,000-square-foot Las Vegas printing facility to take part in the final press check for the 2011 Diamond Certified Directory (to be released in April). Creel runs a 24/7 printing operation in order to maximize its production, which was good news for the 815,000 Diamond Certified Directories being printed at astonishing speed…and not-so-good news for Jim and me, who found ourselves working from 8am until 3am! Even though I’ve been heavily involved in digital media for many years, it was my first time experiencing a press check, and I like to think I learned some valuable lessons for next time…like how the Creel facility is within short driving distance of Starbucks.

Check out the video below for some highlights of our visit.

P.S. Look for the 2011 Diamond Certified Directory to arrive in your mailbox soon. Keep it by your other directories and use it whenever you need to find a service company in the Greater Bay Area and beyond. To request additional directories or confirm you’ll receive a free directory for your county, please call (800) 738-1138.