The 2018 Diamond Certified Directory: The Phones Are Ringing!

by Matt Solis

Since the beginning of April, when the 2018 Diamond Certified Directory started landing in Bay Area mailboxes, our receptionist, Ian Leary, has been rather busy. “Call volume has been 700 to 800 percent higher than normal,” he says, in between answering the phone. “The most common question I get is, ‘Where’s my directory?’ Callers say, ‘I get it every year and I really need a new one’ or ‘I depend on my Diamond Certified Directory.’”


Receptionist Ian Leary fields calls about the 2018 Diamond Certified Directory. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2018

The fact that many callers haven’t received directories is no surprise. The 800,000 directories we send to Bay Area homes and businesses only cover about 30 percent of Bay Area households. There are many reasons why a consumer who has received the directory in the past might not have received one this year. Sometimes a consumer has changed their address. Sometimes our lists have shifted. Either way, when Ian gets the call, he’s always happy to send out a new one.

Another common question Ian gets is, “Where’s my other directory?” Often, consumers living in one county need to find companies featured in another county. For example, maybe you live in Alameda County but want to get your car repaired near your work in Santa Clara County. Whether you haven’t received a directory or just need a second (or even third), we’re here to help. To ensure you always receive both the directory of your county of residence and an additional directory of your choice, sign up to become a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer (always free). And if you have received your directory, give Ian a call and let him know what you think!

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