NEW in the 2015 Diamond Certified Directory: Expert Tips

by Matt Solis

2015 directoryThe Diamond Certified Directory has long been a valuable resource for Northern California consumers—in addition to full-page profiles of top rated companies across a wide range of service industries, it features a Consumer Help List with contact information for various consumer agencies, a detailed explanation of why the Diamond Certified Program is more accurate than most review sites and much more.

This year, we’ve included a brand-new section that makes the Diamond Certified Directory even more valuable: Diamond Certified Expert Contributor tips. Each Diamond Certified Expert Contributor owns or manages a local Diamond Certified company that’s been rated Highest in Quality, and they’ve contributed their industry expertise as a way of giving back to their community. You’ll gain knowledge and become a savvier consumer by reading the tips in the back of your directory. Here’s an example of the helpful information you’ll find:


Look for your free copy of the 2015 Diamond Certified Directory to arrive in your mailbox soon. You can also get free access to hundreds of industry-specific articles, tip sheets, videos and blog entries—all of which come from Diamond Certified Expert Contributors—by clicking here.