Pool Maintenance: A Guide to Summer Swimming

Whether you have a backyard pool, are planning to build one or just enjoy the dream, we have the answers to your swimming pool questions. What are you waiting for? Dive in! 


Swim ‘n’ Save: How to Splash the Cost of Running Your Pool

Pool Design by Hawkins Enterprise
Dramatically reduce your pool’s energy consumption and, consequently, its operating costs. Photo: Hawkins Enterprises, Inc., 2016

Let’s face it: swimming pools are enjoyable, but they aren’t cheap to maintain. In fact, it’s been estimated that homes with swimming pools use almost 50 percent more electricity than those without. Fortunately, there’s good news: with a few proactive measures...
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The Water’s Fine: A Guide to Pool Sanitation Alternatives

Pool Design
While chlorine has long been the standard in swimming pool sanitation, recent industry innovations have led to the development of alternative options. Photo: Classic Pools (2016)

Due to its superior disinfecting properties, chlorine has long been the standard in swimming pool sanitization. However, even though it’s effective at killing harmful germs and bacteria, it has one significant downside: it’s toxic to swimmers. Although it’s diluted to a safe level for pool use, a toxic chemical that’s watered down is still a toxic chemical, which is why many Bay Area pool owners have become interested in safer, alternative methods of sanitation.  
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Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor

swimming pools moon night
Be sure to hire a contractor familiar with how to handle to shifting soil typical of Northern California. Photo: Classic Pools, 2016

Well-built swimming pools don’t encounter many serious problems throughout their life spans, but of the issues they do face, shifting soil is the most damaging.
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The Pros and Cons of Salt 
Water Chlorination

by John Pittman, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor and owner of Roger's Pool & Spa Service, Inc.

swimming pool evening
One of the primary benefits of salt water chlorination is its balanced distribution of chlorine. Photo: Riptide Construction, Inc., 2016

Most pool owners use chlorine to keep their pools germ-free, but many are also interested in alternative sanitation options such as ozone, ionizers and copper-based algaecides.
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Find a Diamond Certified Company to Help Design, Construct & Maintain Your Pool
Planning Ahead for a New Swimming Pool

By Tim Lindelli, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor and Project Manager of Herb’s Pool Service, Inc.

Pool Designs take time
The construction of a new swimming pool entails many phases, from the initial design and engineering to obtaining building permits to the construction itself. Photo: Herb’s Pool Service, Inc, 2016

The construction of a new swimming pool entails many phases, from the initial design and engineering to obtaining building permits to the construction itself. The permit process alone can take several weeks and potentially hold up the entire project. Add to that allowances for unexpected issues and it’s easy to see just how time-intensive a pool project can be. 
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How to Maintain Your Pool


Party on the Patio: How to Get Your Yard Set for Summer Fun

swimming pool patio grill
A pool supply store can test a sample of your pool’s water to see if the pH balance is correct. Photo: Riptide Construction, Inc., 2016

If you’re like most Bay Area residents, as the long days and balmy evenings of summer set in, you’ll want to be spending as much time as possible outside. An outdoor living space can serve a variety of functions, whether an ambient setting to entertain guests or a relaxing oasis...
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Harmonizing Your Pool and Landscape Design

swimming pool landscape
A pool contractor should be able to accommodate your pre-existing landscape design as well as your yard’s terrain. Photo: Jerry Allison Landscaping, Inc., 2016

While swimming pool contractors can’t act as landscapers to install sprinklers or plants, they can integrate your surrounding hardscape, lawn and garden area into their pool designs.
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