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 VOL. 4, ISSUE 9 - SEPTEMBER  2011

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Who Deserves Your Repeat Business?

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Know When to Keep, Toss Foods

Consumer Feedback: The Diamond Certified Directory

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Savvy Tips of the Month

What’s Under Your House?

Should I Warm Up My Car in the A.M.?

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Dear Savvy Consumer:

When I have a plumbing problem, I know exactly who to call. If I need my carpet cleaned, I rely on the same provider I’ve had for at least 15 years. And I’ve seen my dentist three times a year, every year, since 1990! We all have our favorite cafes, sandwich shops, dry cleaners, mechanics, contractors and online retailers, but what is it that keeps us going back to the same business time after time? Is it just habit, or is it something more than that? Are you consciously choosing a service provider that recognizes how valuable you are to their business? Who has really earned your repeat business? Let’s talk about that.

The best companies understand that repeat business is an important measure of customer satisfaction. Client retention is a top priority, so they work hard at being good at the big things and the little things. For example, they recognize your name when you call and go out of their way to put you on their schedule if you have an urgent need. They consistently provide quality service and good value. They respond quickly when a problem arises, they’re reliable and they don’t oversell their services. They make you feel special—like your business really matters to them.

Top-rated Diamond Certified companies get this. They’ve earned the Diamond Certified award, so they’re committed to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. That means treating every customer like a valued, repeat customer—even if it’s their first time. It’s easy to find Diamond Certified companies in your county at

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Chris Bjorklund
The Savvy Consumer

Chris Bjorklund
P.S. In next month’s newsletter, I’ll be talking about the most trusted and respected resource for consumers in the United States. Hint: This organization has been fighting for and protecting consumers for 75 years!

Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer Card
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Diamond Certified® Preferred Customer Card
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Know When to Keep, Toss Foods
Deciding whether it’s safe to eat an older item from the cupboard or refrigerator can be a gamble: Waste what might be perfectly good food, or risk a bout of intestinal upset or worse? In the absence of obvious warning signs such as the smell of sour milk or a green layer of mold, it can be difficult to know when food has gone bad.
The Fridge

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a sell-by date is a guide for retailers to know when to move old stock off the shelves and replace it with new stock. You should purchase items before the sell-by date, but you don’t necessarily have to eat them by then. Likewise, a use-by or best-by date simply guarantees optimal flavor or quality if eaten by that date. The expiration date is more telling, particularly with things like meat and dairy. Of course, if food isn’t stored properly or the packaging is damaged, it can become unsafe even before the expiration date. Visit the USDA online to learn more about food package dating and home food storage guidelines.

Packaging codes don’t always reveal the whole story, so experts say to trust your senses: If it doesn’t look, smell or taste right, don’t take a chance—toss it.

Kudos from Diamond Certified Consumers
Re: The Diamond Certified Directory
I just want to thank you so much for putting the Diamond Certified Directory together. I’m doing a lot of work on my house, and I’m using this book exclusively since I don’t know which companies are good and trustworthy. I’m so impressed with the people I’ve hired thus far—they’re exceptionally good and honest, and I always let them know I found them through the Directory. Thank you! —J.K.

Diamond Certified ® Only companies rated Highest in Quality earn Diamond Certified

Companies Recently Earning Diamond Certified

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Hayward - (877) 476-2826
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Lafayette - (925) 318-1271
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San Ramon - (925) 269-9560

Sonoma county 
Reyff Electric, Inc.
Rohnert Park - (408) 412-9567
We Care Pest & Termite Control,
Santa Rosa - (707) 654-4153
Redwood Empire Termite & Pest Control,
Sonoma - (707) 654-4593

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