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 VOL. 4, ISSUE 6 - JUNE 2011

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Chris Bjorklund
Dear Savvy Consumer:
Savvy consumers know that not all business transactions go smoothly 100 percent of the time. For example, your car repairs may not be completed on the promised day, or a handyman could accidentally break one of your light fixtures. Estimators show up late sometimes, and a restaurant waiter might throw out a gift of fresh flowers that you accidentally left on the table.

Yes, a vase of my flowers was thrown away. I called the restaurant within 45 minutes of leaving to ask if I could return at dinner to pick them up. I was shocked to learn the flowers had been disposed of, and the bartender’s weak apology left me dissatisfied. A classy thing to do would have been to offer a complimentary drink or appetizer to make up for the loss, don’t you think?

Here’s my point. How a company handles a unsatisfied customer makes all the difference in the world and is usually a good indicator of its commitment to service and customer satisfaction. In this case, I emailed the restaurant’s corporate offices. Five days later, I received this response from the General Manager herself:

“I am sorry to hear that your great lunch experience was tainted by the issue with your flowers. I am going to try and find out what happened. We have a lost and found and we generally hold on to things for weeks on end. For flowers, we should have at least held on to them for 24 hours, and I am so sorry that did not happen.

I hope you will accept my apology and return as our valued customer. We find personal items in our restaurant every day and do our absolute best to try and return them to their owners, so I am sure they were thrown out inadvertently.

That being said, I know you were disappointed, and if you provide me with your address, I will be happy to send you a coupon or gift card you can use next time.”

I’m totally satisfied with the apology and offer and will continue to patronize this restaurant—not just for the freebie, but for how they handled my complaint.

Chris Bjorklund signature
Chris Bjorklund
The Savvy Consumer
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Re: Manzanita Landscape Construction, Inc.
Kudos checkmark

Thank you very much for fitting me in on short notice. I have to say that I am extremely impressed by your whole operation, starting with my first call to Linda, who offered great advice. The crew was prompt, efficient, extremely pleasant and professional, and the work was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Manzanita to anyone who needs landscaping services.

Thank you! –Linda R.
Planning for Your Digital Legacy
Your Digital Afterlife cover

These days, much of our lives are conducted online. So what happens to our photo archives, videos, Facebook pages, domain names, blogs, websites, Tweets, music libraries and the rest of it after we die?

Policies vary from company to company regarding what is done with your account and who, if anyone, is allowed to access it. To make sure your accounts are not ultimately lost, deleted or accessed if you don’t want them to be, you need to plan ahead.

Start by making a list of your online accounts and your wishes regarding each one. Then decide who you want to be the administrator of each (or all) of the accounts when the time comes. Eventually, you’ll need to add usernames and passwords to your list, and choose how and where to store it until it’s needed.

Learn more about passing on your digital assets in the book Your Digital Afterlife by Evan Carroll and John Romano, or at the Digital Beyond blog. MyWebWill provides a place for you to state your wishes and store your account access information; the company will carry out your instructions after you die.

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