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Dear Savvy Consumer,
The folks at American Ratings Corporation spend a lot of time surveying consumers as part of their Diamond Certified rating methodology. At their Research Call Center, they have surveyed more than 170,000 people in the past 7 years, recording feedback on what they liked and didn’t like about companies they have hired for services ranging from auto repair and home remodels, to dental work and accounting.
The top 5 things the surveyed consumers expect and place high value on are:

  1. Being kept in the loop, and if there are changes, consumers like being asked what to do next, not just having the company assume things;

  2. Correct time estimation of job completion;

  3. Correct price quotes;

  4. Having the office staff and actual workers in sync (consumers hate having to explain things to workers when they already explained it to the office);

  5. Getting the job done correctly the first time around.

As consumers, what really drives us nuts? What we hear over and over again ties in with consumer expectation #5. We hate it when the person who is doing the work has no idea what he or she is doing and we have to go back to the company several times to get things done right. To minimize the chances of that happening, seek out Diamond Certified companies. Their past customers have rated them “highest in quality” for customer satisfaction, which is proof that they have a track record of meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Chris Bjorklund
The Savvy Consumer

Eco-friendly Seafood Choices Save Oceans

Fish may be an important part of a healthy diet, but the way we harvest our seafood can be very bad for the health of our oceans. Some species are over-fished, or caught using methods that kill significant amounts of non-target sea life. In the case of farmed seafood, some aquaculture methods pollute the ocean. The challenge for sushi and seafood lovers is how to know which choices are better for the environment.  
To help eco-conscious consumers, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Blue Ocean Institute, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium each have created a “pocket” guide to more sustainable seafood selections. Download one or more of the guides and refer to it the next time you’re trying to decide between bluefin tuna (an environmental no-no) and wild-caught Alaska salmon (a better choice).

Boost Your Credit Score

Financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria, which makes having a good credit score more important than ever. The higher your score, the more likely your request for credit will be approved. And consumers with higher credit scores typically pay lower interest rates.
Here are some tips for increasing your score:

  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Make up any past-due payments.
  • Keep the outstanding balance on any credit account at less than 50% of your available credit line.
  • Don’t open a lot of new credit accounts in a short period.
  • Don’t close older, unused accounts—your credit history will appear shorter and your outstanding debt will increase relative to your available credit.
Though there are many different credit scoring systems, the most widely used is the FICO score, named for the company that developed it. Learn more about credit scores and how to improve yours at

Kudos from Diamond Certified Consumers

Dear Diamond Certified,

I wanted to give a rating to this tree company, Bay Area Tree Company, that trimmed two trees for me today and removed two others.  
I was very happy with their work. I have used them in the past. They got me scheduled quickly, were prompt, efficient, helpful and friendly. They were responsive to my needs and cleaned up beautifully. I will definitely use them again.

Mary T.

Companies Recently Earning
Diamond Certified®

Alameda County
Moovers Inc., Concord
Quail Garden, Livermore

Contra Costa County
Bryan Welden Painting, Walnut Creek

Marin County
Marin County Builders, San Rafael
North Bay Painting & Wood Preserving, Novato

Monterey & San Benito Counties
LePage Construction, Monterey

San Francisco
American Roofing Co., San Francisco
Navarro Concrete Construction, San Francisco
S & E Services, Redwood City

San Mateo
M&M Builders, San Jose
Ocean Blue Plumbing, Pacifica

Santa Clara County

Green Environment Landscape, Inc., Freedom
Restaurant O Catering, Los Gatos
RoofServ Roofing Services, Gilroy
Thomas Puzin, DDS Family Dentistry, Santa Clara

Santa Cruz County
Natural Building Solutions, Watsonville
Testorff Construction, Aptos

5 Star Car Wash & Detail Center, Fairfield
David Bianchi Home Repair, Inc., Vacaville
Total Home Inspection, Vacaville

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