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Dear Savvy Consumer,

The last time I called my plumber, I had a leak under my kitchen sink. A small leak, but a leak, nonetheless. The live receptionist took my call at 10 am, and said her technician would be out between 2 and 4 pm the same day.

The plumber shows up exactly at 2 pm and diagnoses the problem quickly. I need to replace the hose for the faucet sprayer. The rubber hoses break down over time, he tells me. He cleans up his work area and by 3 pm, my problem is solved.

Imagine my surprise when I receive a call at 4:30 pm (same day) from the office asking me to rate the service. Did the plumber wear protective booties; did he explain the problem to me; did he clean up after himself?

The icing on the cake was getting a postcard from the owner of the plumbing company a week later, offering me $25 off my next job. Even without this coupon, I will be calling this company again.

Do you have a great plumber? Give your plumber the “test” by reviewing the checklist I have prepared, or listen to my podcast covering the same points. The information is based on interviews with satisfied consumers and top-rated Diamond Certified plumbers.


Chris Bjorklund
The Savvy Consumer

New Life for Old Jeans

One of the hottest “green” building materials on the market today is insulation fabricated from denim scraps leftover from the jeans manufacturing process. Made by Bonded Logic and sold under the brand name UltraTouch, the denim insulation contains over 85% recycled denim and cotton fibers. The material, which is also fire retardant, doesn’t contain any toxins or irritants. And unlike other types of insulation, it doesn’t itch or require any protective clothing during installation. Use of UltraTouch may even qualify you for an energy conservation tax credit.
Though old, well-worn jeans aren’t used for the bulk of the denim insulation being produced, Green Jeans Insulation, an UltraTouch distributor in Wisconsin, does accept donated jeans, which they send through the recycling and manufacturing process. What comes out is typically donated for use by nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity. Visit for the mailing address and details.

Protecting Your Important Papers

The recent California fires serve as a reminder that a disaster can strike at any time. To avoid losing your important papers if you have to make a quick exit, take the time now to protect them.
Rules of thumb for protecting your papers: Have everything in at least two places. And concentrate on duplicating and protecting those items that you would need access to immediately, or that would be difficult or impossible to replace.
Keep one set of papers in a lockable, fireproof box at home. It should be lightweight enough that you could easily carry it out of the house if you needed to evacuate. Of course, if your home becomes inaccessible while you’re away, you won’t be able to reach the box. So keep another set of papers off-site, with a friend or relative out of the area, for example.
Or use a few tech tools to make back-up and storage even easier. Use a scanner to convert documents to PDFs (electronic files) and then upload them to your personal Web space. Or, copy them onto a USB flash drive that is small enough to fit inside your pocket or on your keychain. Be sure to get one that offers password protection, though, in case you lose it.

Kudos from Diamond Certified Customers

Dear Chris,
I recently secured the Saber Roofing Co., Woodside, CA., San Mateo, Co., California to complete an installation of a roof drain pipe. They were so very pleasant to deal with, and did a terrific job. I look forward to getting your annual booklet updates of companies available.
I actually called two companies you recommended. Was pleased with the one I chose.
Yours truly,
Thelma Curtis
San Carlos, CA

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