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 VOL. 9, ISSUE 1 - JANUARY 2016

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Making Sense of Solar

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Universal Design and Your Next Kitchen Remodel

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If you’ve made remodeling resolutions for the New Year, we’re here to help. Here at the Diamond Certified Resource, we’re ringing in 2016 by declaring January “Home Makeover Month.” All month long, we’re publishing remodeling-related guidance on our blog, in social media and here in our Consumer Newsletter. Stay in the loop by following our blog, and check out our newest trending topics page on home remodeling.

Making Sense of Solar

Today, many homeowners are considering the benefits of going solar because of energy savings and tax credits. Systems are also getting more affordable. I asked Sungevity’s Sloane Morgan to answer some of the most common questions.

Sungevity Solar Panel on Roof
Most solar panels are designed to only lose 1 percent efficiency each year. Photo: Sungevity (2016)

Is it expensive to install solar?
When residential solar systems were first introduced, they were expensive for the average homeowner, but solar panel prices have dropped radically since then—today, they’re 100 times cheaper than they were in the 1970s (Source: In many areas, homeowners with solar systems are paying the same or less for solar electricity than for regular electricity from the grid.

Imagine if you had a chance to buy 20 years’ worth of gasoline at 1995 prices. Would you do it? That’s a great way to start thinking about solar. We’re helping people produce a certain amount of power at a locked-in rate for 20 years or more.

Should I buy or lease a system?
You actually have more options in most cases. You can buy a solar system outright, finance it with a loan, lease it for 20 years or “pay as you go” with a power purchase agreement. A reputable solar company will show you all of your choices, taking into account what makes the most sense for your family and financial situation.

Are warranties the same for leased and purchased systems?
Yes, many solar companies offer 20-year warranties for purchased systems, which is the same length as the warranty offered with a standard lease.

How long will my solar system last?
A long time! Our solar systems are guaranteed to produce electricity for 20 years, and they’ll likely keep producing power for longer than that. Most solar panels lose approximately 1 percent operating efficiency each year, so after 20 years, they’re still producing no less than 80 percent of what they did in the first place. (Source.)

If my solar panels supply my power, what happens when it’s a cloudy day?
When you’re using more electricity than your system is generating, like on a cloudy day, your system’s bi-directional meter will pull power from the utility grid. On the flip side, when you’re generating more electricity than you’re using, you’re pushing power onto the utility grid.

How much money will I save on energy with a solar system?
The best answer is, “It depends.” The exact amount depends on numerous factors, including the location of your home, the size and angle of your solar system, and your electricity consumption. Another major factor is the price your utility company will charge for power in the future. Since nobody knows exactly what the utility companies will do, we look at historical energy prices to estimate price fluctuations¬ going forward. We know exactly what you’ll pay for solar, so we can compare those utility estimates to what you’ll pay for solar and estimate your likely savings from there.

What happens to my solar lease if I sell my home?
We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners sell their solar homes, so we have the process down. With a little bit of advance notice, we can work with you to decide what type of transfer would work best for you and your potential buyer.

Many of our customers consider their options and say, “I don’t even want the potential buyer to have to run credit. What if I pre-pay my lease and that amount becomes part of the closing of the home?” In that scenario, you would turn over a prepaid solar lease to the homebuyer. Sungevity still owns, insures and maintains the system, but the homebuyer doesn’t have a monthly payment.

You can also transfer the entire solar agreement to the buyer. The buyer does have to qualify for credit in this case, but typically, the credit score required for a solar agreement is similar to what’s required for a mortgage. Then, the buyer takes over the monthly solar payment and gets to enjoy all the benefits of solar.

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Universal Design and Your Next Kitchen Remodel

  Case Design/Remodeling kitchen
Universal design practices can make kitchens usable for people with disabilities. Photo: Case Design/Remodeling (2016)

The idea of universal design is becoming more popular, but some homeowners aren’t familiar with the term. Jim Kabel, president and CEO of Case Design/Remodeling, a Diamond Certified company, explains that “universal design means designing a specific space or maybe even an entire home to be usable by people of all ages and abilities without making it look institutional or like a commercial ADA (American with Disabilities Act) space.”

In a kitchen, for example, it might mean applying layered lighting or designing cabinets with different heights for people of different abilities. “More accessible storage is a good idea, and having lighting above countertops and in certain task areas helps because our vision degrades as we age,” says Jim. “Putting lever handles on faucets and doors is also a good universal design practice for a kitchen.” Sound universal design practices will incorporate code requirements and make any space more useable.


Kudos from Diamond Certified Consumers

Dear Diamond Certified,

I called Savior Plumbing, Inc. in Pleasanton because our bathtubs started backing up and the toilets and sinks wouldn’t drain. This was at 9am, and I was amazed to hear back within the hour that a plumber, Roger, would be at my house between 12pm and 2pm. Roger was held up at a job, but he contacted me to let me know he was running late. He arrived at 2:30pm.

Roger was able to snake out and clear the main line, which fixed the toilets and sinks, but the bathtubs were still having issues. He called the head office and put in a high priority request as he was leaving. This was around 3:30pm, and within 10 minutes, I received a call saying that another plumber, Dave, would be at my house within 30 minutes. Dave showed up on time and was able to fix the tubs and reconnect the fixtures in less than 30 minutes.

Overall, I was amazed by Savior Plumbing’s promptness, friendliness and professionalism. I can’t believe how quickly they resolved my plumbing issues for a very reasonable cost.

I heard about Savior Plumbing because they service the church I work at on weekends. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

—A.J., Contra Costa County

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