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The Power of One

Even on a crowded San Francisco Muni bus, excellent customer service can still be found.

What gets consumers talking about great customer service? Usually, it’s when something out of the ordinary happens—something totally unexpected.

The other day, I was discussing my 19-year-old nephew Conor’s experience on the San Francisco Muni. People have lots of complaints about Muni. The buses are often late and overcrowded. Drivers can be snarly—some of them drive too fast/slow or stop/start too aggressively. I can’t remember the last time someone I know had a complimentary story about a Muni driver…until Conor came home and described what happened to him on his way to work a few weeks ago.

He was waiting for the F Line on the Embarcadero. When the trolley car pulled up, it was packed with people, most of whom were tourists on their way to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. The driver stopped and, after noticing Conor’s business attire, asked if he was on his way to work. When Conor said yes, the driver asked two passengers near the front to get off the trolley so Conor could get to work on time. They agreed and waited for the next trolley.

Surprisingly, the same thing happened a week later. Again, the F Line was packed. The driver, who recognized Conor now, jumped out of his seat and told Conor to follow him around to the back door of the trolley. The driver then stepped inside and asked the passengers to squish together to make room for “the young man trying to get down to his office at Pier 35.” Once again, everyone cooperated. Conor arrived on time.

What makes these actions by the Muni driver so remarkable? Is it so unusual that a Muni driver cares? Certainly that stands out, but there’s much more to this story. This driver took personal responsibility to make sure a young commuter got to work on time. He took the extra steps to make sure the service his organization provided served the commuting public, even if it took some judgment. When a service provider, no matter from the public or private sector, takes personal responsibility to assess the situation, make a reasoned judgment and then take appropriate action, we’re all better served. What will Conor tell his friends and family back east about San Francisco? What will your customers tell their family and friends about your company?

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Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer Card

Diamond Certified® Preferred Customer Card

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How to Recycle Unwanted Crayons

The National Crayon Recycle Program aims to find new uses for broken and unwanted crayons.

This past year, the National Crayon Recycle Program (in partnership with Crazy Crayons LLC) kept more than 90,000 pounds of crayons out of landfills. Through the program, children, schools, and community organizations across the United States collected and recycled broken and unwanted crayons. The group then hired developmentally disabled people to recycle and repackage the material into new crayons. Some schools create drop-off bins to collect unwanted crayons, and many teachers use this project to engage children in recycling education. Some kids even get involved in fundraising efforts in order to raise money for the necessary postage. All crayons are accepted, but those made before 1995 are discarded because they may contain questionable content. If you want to participate in the program, make sure you leave the wrappers on the crayons. You don’t have to sort by colors unless you want to, and there’s no need to bag the crayons—just pack them tightly in a sturdy box. For more details and the mailing address, go to


Kudos from Diamond Certified Consumers

Re: A&J Fencing

Dear Diamond Certified,

A & J Fencing took care of anything we wanted done. I couldn’t have done better myself. Someone came out a few months after the job was done and made sure we were happy, and I really liked that. They built us some beautiful arbors.

—A. & K. R.

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