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 VOL. 5, ISSUE 10 - OCTOBER 2012

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Telemarketing Scam Alert

Diamond Certified Community Giving Project

Are Your Gutters Ready for Winter Rains?

Consumer Feedback:
A Reliable Handyman

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Exceptions, Conditions and Exclusions in Roofing Warranties

Computer Repairs Require Extra Diligence

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Telemarketing Scam Alert:
“There’s Something Wrong with Your Computer”

Cyber Thief

A Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer recently wrote me about a new telemarketing scam:

“I received a call today from a man with a heavy accent. The line was static and unclear. The man said he was affiliated with Microsoft and had received a lot of error messages from my Windows operating system, and he wanted me to turn on my computer. He was very persistent and kept repeating himself. Since I haven’t used my laptop in about three weeks, I figured this was a scam and hung up. I just went online to read about the operation. Some people have commented that this ‘company’ had them access specific websites which allowed it to gain remote access and install spyware on their systems.”

Fortunately, this woman used common sense and didn’t fall for the come-on, but others have. Here’s one victim’s story as reported to a computer security bulletin board: “I’m from Sydney, Australia, and last week I received a call from a man who told me he was from Microsoft and my computer was sending error messages to their system. I got scared. He told me to go to a website and enter my bank details. He said if I didn’t, my computer would stop working in the next hour, so I did. The next day, I went to the bank to withdraw some cash and the teller told me I only had $0.50 in my account. The scammer drained $14,000 from my account!”

The FBI has issued warnings about this type of scam, where a caller finds clever ways to gain access to your personal information to commit fraud. These scammers also use other tricks to entice you to unknowingly install Malware (malicious software that includes viruses and spyware) on your computer, including pop-up windows, free game downloads, customized toolbars and suspicious links.

To learn more about computer security scams and how to avoid, detect and get rid of Malware, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at

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Chris Bjorklund
The Savvy Consumer

Chris Bjorklund

Diamond Certified Community Giving Project

Diamond Certified® Preferred Customer Card

Now when you sign up to become a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer, we will donate $1 to a local charity of your choice. Organizations include The Marine Mammal Center, Parents Helping Parents and Pets Unlimited, to name a few. Membership is always free and comes with numerous benefits, including a special member hotline, members-only access to additional tools on, a double Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee and more. Join now by calling (800) 313-1009 or visiting Become a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer today and help us give back to the organizations that have made the Bay Area such a great place to live!

Are Your Gutters Ready for Winter Rains?
Home gutters
Once it starts raining, many roofers get calls from people who say their roofs are leaking. But according to David Imhof, manager of Bay 101 Roofing, Inc, a Diamond Certified company, this problem is usually caused by clogged gutters. Gutter blockages can be caused by a variety of things, including baseballs, lemons, pet toys, pine needles, leaves, and even squirrels that scurry around your roof and drop nuts and twigs that float down into your gutters.

You can test your gutters by using a garden hose to squirt them with water and check for flow. If it’s just a trickle, take a closer look for drips and leaks at the seams. After you clear the gutters, consider installing gutter guards to keep out most debris. Mr. Imhof recommends a product called “Gutter Glove” that features a cast aluminum frame and fine stainless steel mesh, which screens out anything larger than eight microns.

Kudos from Diamond Certified Consumers

RE: A Reliable Handyman

Dear Diamond Certified,
Recently, Gifford Teeple from A Reliable Handyman came all the way from Berkeley to check my furnace and the tracking on its doors. Once he saw it, he was so concerned about my safety that he went all the way to San Jose just so he could get a strip to fix the doors that enclose the furnace. He made sure everything worked properly and kindly explained what I should do if the doors should move out of place.

Gifford was so great to me, and I know I will need him again around the house. I couldn’t stop talking about him last night to my daughter, and she said she would use him, too!”
—M.C., Castro Valley, CA

Diamond Certified ® Only companies rated Highest in Quality earn Diamond Certified

Companies Recently Earning Diamond Certified

ALAMEDA county
Bayside Locksmith Inc.
Hayward - (510) 545-4010
Graham Tree Service Inc.
San Leandro - (510) 456-0099

Savior Plumbing, Inc.
Pleasanton - (925) 233-6962

Marin Convalescent & Rehabilitation Hospital

Tiburon - (415) 878-3188

san francisco
Advantage Roofing, Inc.
Daly City - (650) 458-5306
Aren Electric Co., Inc.
Daly City - (650) 564-3636
Perez Auto Service, Inc.
Daly City - (650) 409-1467
VP Electric
San Francisco - (415) 649-0077

CastleLite Block, LLC

Dixon - (925) 317-6049

Ed J. Roualdes Contractor
Petaluma - (707) 981-4697

Larson Bros. Painting

Sacramento - (707) 927-1019

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