Gilroy – Pest Control

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(408) 212-0412

Serving Santa Clara County and Neighboring Communities

Services include Bed Bug Inspections & Control, General Pest Control, Green & LEED Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Mouse & Rat Control & Exclusion, Termite Inspections & Treatment. Brands include .
License 5009 | DCID4083549944
(408) 643-0667
(877) 505-2696
(510) 621-3947

Serving the Greater Bay Area

Services include Aquatic Weed Control, Green Pest Control Methods, Rodent and Bird Control, Structural Pest Control, Tree Injection and Spraying, Weed Control and Abatement. Brands include Bayer, Dow, EcoSMART, Sensitive Solutions, Termidor,...
License PR-895 | DCID4083780441
(408) 645-0250

Serving Santa Clara County and the Peninsula

Services include integrated pest management for birds, bees, wasps, gophers, moles, squirrels, rodents and lawn pests. Brands include Avert, Precor, Dragnet and MaxForce...
License 4730, 9766 | DCID4082247378

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