West Coast Windows and Doors, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Concord, CA 94520
Richard Beil, owner of West Coast Windows and Doors, Inc.
Q: How long will the entire process of ordering and installing my new windows take?
A: "Four to six weeks, rarely more. If there is a particular urgency, we feasibly can do it much more quickly."
Q: What types of windows are available?
A: "Vinyl window replacement is the most common. Although composite, fiberglass and wood are also available."
Q: Which do you recommend?
A: "It depends on what you're looking for. Vinyl is a much better option than aluminum because it is non-conductive and therefore more energy efficient. It is also maintenance-free. And you’ll never have to paint it the way you would a wood window."
Q: Are your installers employees or do they work for themselves?
A: "They all work for us. We don't use any subcontractors."
Q: Why should I replace my windows before other home improvement projects?
A: "If you are making a list of home improvement priorities, window replacements may be the only improvement that can actually provide an immediate return on your investment by improving energy efficiency in summer and winter months."