Valley Oak Landscaping, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

(707) 207-6829

Owner Greg Baker stands next to one of Valley Oak Landscaping’s service vehicles.
Q: Do you offer landscape maintenance services?
A: "Yes, but only for commercial properties. Even though we don’t do residential maintenance, we do maintain every new project for the first month to make sure everything is well-established and functioning properly. "
Q: Do you design landscapes?
A: "Yes, we do all our own design work and can come up with a unique plan for your specific needs. "
Q: Is the company owner present on the jobsite?
A: "Yes. Even though Greg [Baker] doesn’t perform the physical work, he stops by the jobsite at least once a day to oversee things and touch base with the customer. "
Q: Do you work on trees?
A: "Yes, we have a certified arborist on staff, so we’re able to provide a full range of tree services. "
Q: How long have your employees been with you?
A: "On average, most of our employees have been with us for 10 to 20 years. "