Trademark Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

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A Trademark Roofing technician works on a customer’s roof.
Q: Are you licensed to do roofing repairs and installations?
A: "Yes, we’re licensed, insured, and certified to repair and install roofs. We can provide you with copies of our insurance coverage and give you a packet of information that includes our certifications, memberships, and other things that will make you feel more secure about hiring us to handle your roofing project. "
Q: Do you handle the permit process?
A: "Yes. We always make sure we have proper permits for the work that needs to be done, so you don’t have to worry about that part of the process. We have experience with the permitting processes in most Bay Area cities and counties. "
Q: Do you hire subcontractors to do the work?
A: "No, we never use subcontractors or hire other roofers to do our work for us. We provide all the employees and take care of every phase of the project in-house. "
Q: Who will be my contact person if I have questions or concerns during my project?
A: "We provide every job with a foreman who’s onsite every day while the work is underway. We’ll also give you the foreman’s phone number so you can reach him if he’s offsite for some reason.  "