The Pool Doctor Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Should my pool cleaner be licensed?
A: "Under California law, anyone performing more than $500 worth of work needs to be licensed. Regardless, it’s a very good idea to hire a licensed contractor. You have better assurance of quality work, and better recourse if you don’t get it. Hiring unlicensed contractors also hurts legitimate businesses that play by the rules."
Q: Are some pool cleaners unreliable?
A: "It is a serious problem in this industry, especially with all the unlicensed operators out there. The Pool Doctor shows up when it promises to and does the job right. Always."
Q: Should I worry about the hazards that pool drain covers pose for young children?
A: "You should be vigilant. Fortunately, a recently passed federal law mandates strict safety requirements for all public pool and spa drain covers available for purchase in the U.S. The Pool Doctor strictly complies with the new regulations, but recommends (even though not mandated by law yet) that residential pool and spa owners consider having the changes made as well for the safety of their swimmers."
Q: What if my pool or spa already has a cover?
A: "The Pool Doctor has three people on staff that are certified to evaluate your existing cover and install approved anti-vortex/anti-hair entrapment style covers."