The Freedom Hall & Gardens Frequently Asked Questions

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The Freedom Hall & Gardens’ staff poses at a recent event.
Q: Where is your venue located?
A: "It’s in Santa Clara, but we don’t publish the exact location for the privacy of our guests. But we host an open house tour every week so couples can come and see the venue and facilities."
Q: What type of cuisine do you offer?
A: "We offer American classic and American California style cuisines."
Q: How much does it cost to hold a wedding at The Freedom Hall and Gardens?
A: "There are various packages available, so it depends on what services you want. We’re proud of our pricing and believe we offer better service than a lot of the more expensive venues. We also have a tiered pricing structure, so the price depends on the time of day, the day of the week and the day of the year."
Q: Do you do other types of events, or just weddings?
A: "We focus on weddings, but we occasionally do birthday parties and similar events."