Terry's Tree Service, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Terry Powell is owner of Terry's Tree Service, Inc.
Q: Can you tell me what’s wrong with my tree over the phone?
A: "We can provide some information over the phone, but we can’t do an accurate diagnosis or analysis without seeing the tree first. After we meet with you for a one-on-one consultation, we can give you the right information and make you feel comfortable with the work that needs to be done. "
Q: Will I get a real person on the phone if I call after business hours?
A: "Yes, you’ll always talk to a trained tree professional when you call us, whether it’s during normal business hours or in the middle of the night. "
Q: Can you help me if my trees are overgrown?
A: "Yes, we provide tree trimming and shaping services, which are very beneficial for overgrown trees. "
Q: How do you choose your employees?
A: "We carefully screen potential employees and only hire the best professionals to work for us. Our customers expect us to be honest, reliable and timely, so we only keep people who are willing to adhere to those standards. "