SureShred Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why haven’t your prices changed in 11 years?
A: "We've been able to maintain our pricing structure by increasing our efficiency. We've continually upgraded the quality of our fleet trucks to make sure they’re the fastest and most efficient around."
Q: What can you tell me about your security measures?
A: "We follow the strictest security practices in our industry. We’re independently audited on a regular schedule, and we’re randomly audited by Certified Protection Professionals. We’ve been subjected to random audits for the last two years and passed with flying colors."
Q: What’s a certificate of destruction?
A: "It’s a signed document verifying to clients that all materials they've provided to us have been destroyed. We provide one after every service call."
Q: What materials do you accept?
A: "We typically accept paper products, such as archived records. But we also destroy CDs, magnetic tapes, computer hard drives, uniforms, bullet-proof vests, counterfeit clothing and other products."
Q: Do you recycle?
A: "Yes. We recover more than 150 tons of paper fibers each month. That material is bailed and shipped directly to a paper mill where it's recycled into consumer paper products like toilet paper, paper towels and napkins."
Q: When can you get to my place of business?
A: "We have five mobile trucks that we operate on a fixed schedule around the Bay Area. We’re typically able to serve clients within 24 to 48 hours."
Q: Do you provide a fixed schedule?
A: "Yes. That's one of the things that contributes to our efficiency. We fit 'archive jobs'—one-time shredding jobs—in between our regular rescheduled jobs."