Start Fresh Restoration & Carpet Connoisseurs Frequently Asked Questions

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Scott and Tami Sunkel are owners of Start Fresh Restoration & Carpet Connoisseurs.
Q: What’s the advantage of your carpet cleaning system versus others?
A: "We’re well-versed in all types of carpet cleaning systems, and ours is the only one that’s qualified to maintain the manufacturers’ warranties. If you have older carpets that are out of warranty, our methods will thoroughly extract the dirt and soil without damaging the fibers. Some cleaning methods will compromise the life of your carpets, but ours won’t."
Q: Are your methods and materials safe for children and pets?
A: "Yes. No one is more exposed to our cleaning materials than us. We wouldn’t use them unless they were completely safe."
Q: How long will it take to clean my carpet?
A: "A typical house with 2,000 square feet of carpet will take, on average, about two hours to clean. Drying time can vary depending on the density of the carpet and weather conditions."
Q: What’s the most common carpet cleaning service you provide?
A: "Steam cleaning is the most common; it’s very effective on lightly soiled (not visibly dirty) carpet that simply needs a maintenance cleaning. Utilizing our truck-mounted cleaning equipment, we start by completely pre-treating the area to be cleaned, which breaks down the dirt for extraction. As we’re cleaning, we’ll move most furnishings, clean underneath, put them back, and protect them with foam blocks or plastic pads. Instead of running detergent through the cleaning machine, we utilize a textile rinse (Fiber-Rinse™) that deactivates the detergent for complete removal, so absolutely no residue is left behind."
Q: Will my carpet get dirtier faster after a cleaning?
A: "Not if the cleaning has been performed correctly. If you’ve experienced this, then you haven’t been using the right cleaning service. A proper cleaning that uses the right materials and doesn’t leave residue behind will resist soiling for longer periods of time."
Q: Why does my new carpet have an odor?
A: "The odor from new carpet is much like the odor found in a new car or leather, and it should disappear shortly. If the odor is objectionable, fresh air ventilation is the best method to eliminate it. Open windows and doors and operate your fan system during the removal of the old carpet and installation of the new carpet, as well as during any construction project. If you’re unusually allergic or hypersensitive to the odor, avoid the area immediately following installation."