Star Rooter and Plumbing, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Star Rooter and Plumbing sends a fully stocked service van to every job.
Q: Are you local to the East Bay Area? Can you respond quickly?
A: "Yes. We keep six plumbing trucks at our Hayward location and have a plumber on call in the Berkeley/Albany area. We can usually respond within 45 minutes, regardless of when you call."
Q: Are your employees professional and trustworthy?
A: "Absolutely. All our service trucks are clearly marked and our plumbers wear uniforms to identify themselves as veterans of both the industry and our company."
Q: Why do you use an in-line camera and locator?
A: "Using an in-line camera and locator allows us to pinpoint the exact location and extent of any problem within your pipes, which makes for a more effective diagnosis and ultimately saves you money."
Q: Why is my drain system moving so slowly? Is it clogged?
A: "Clogged or slow moving drains are normally the result of one of two problems. The first is tree and plant roots. Roots growing into a pipe or joint will clog and eventually crush the pipe, so having your pipe systems cleaned at regular intervals will help extend their lifetimes. The second is clogs in the line. Obstructions, offset joints and age are frequent causes of drain problems. We’re highly trained and utilize the best equipment, which gives us the flexibility to dislodge almost any blockage."
Q: What are the advantages of trenchless sewer line replacement?
A: "First and foremost, it’s quicker and less expensive than the traditional ‘dig and back-fill’ method, which requires you to replant your yard, replace sections of your fence, and repair your driveway or sidewalk. The trenchless replacement process requires only two access holes, so your lawn, patio, driveway, sidewalk, fence, and cable and gas lines will remain unscathed. The cost is comparable to, if not less than, the cost of traditional sewer line replacement."