Spryscapes Construction, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Spryscapes Construction installed this custom deck and segmented concrete patio.
Q: Do I need a permit for your work?
A: "In San Francisco and its surrounding counties, landscaping work doesn’t require permits, but almost all construction work does. We understand obtaining a permit can be difficult for homeowners, so we handle the entire process regardless of the location of the jobsite."
Q: How long does it take to get the permits?
A: "If you’re not adding any square footage to your home, most permits are “over the counter,” which means we can get them right away. However, when you add any kind of addition to a home, it can take quite a bit of time to get a permit—generally between three and six months. We have a lot of experience with the permit process, so we’ll walk you through and help you determine how much foresight and planning your project will take."
Q: How long will the work take to complete?
A: "That depends on the scope and type of job. We’re realistic in our project timelines and communicate honestly with our clients so there aren’t any unwanted surprises."
Q: Do you use subcontractors?
A: "Our skilled craftsmen can handle almost every part of a construction job, so we like to keep as much of the work in-house as we can. About 85 percent of our work is performed by our own employees, but we do hire subcontractors for some work, like roofing, plumbing and electrical. That’s a huge benefit for our customers, because they get to deal with the same crews throughout the process."
Q: Do you offer design services?
A: "Yes. We don’t impose our ideas on our clients unless they ask us to come up with something on our own. We’re very cognizant that we’re working for our clients and designing spaces in which they’ll be living. They’re the ones who’ll see the work day in and day out, so it’s very important that we keep in mind what they want."
Q: What if I already have a design or want to hire an outside architect?
A: "We work with a multitude of architects and welcome cases where a client already has drawn plans. In many cases, we’ll help with the design work or even collaborate with the architect to achieve the best possible design."
Q: Will you take my budget into account when you’re designing my project?
A: "Absolutely. Construction-savvy consumers understand that good landscaping doesn’t come cheap. It helps to have realistic expectations and be honest about your budget when you’re hiring a landscaping company. When we’re designing a new landscape, the first thing we determine is the client’s budget. A landscape designer can’t intelligently make suggestions if they don’t know what the budget is, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time to draw a design that isn’t realistic."