SonoMarin Cleaning Services, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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SonoMarin Cleaning Services’ employees can clean hard-to-reach areas of customers’ homes.
Q: How do you charge?
A: "We charge in increments of 15 minutes. We’ll either work until we complete the agreed-upon tasks or until we reach the number of agreed-upon hours. We don’t charge flat rates based on square footage or other arbitrary formulas. If you pay for an hour of cleaning, you get an hour. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS, so we can verify exactly how long our crew stayed at your site."
Q: Do I have to provide any equipment or supplies?
A: "No, we’ll bring everything we need. In addition to our hospital-grade vacuum cleaners, sanitized microfibers and rags, approved cleaning products, and other supplies, we use steamers for surfaces that require it, and we can also supply our own ladders."
Q: Do you reuse rags?
A: "Yes, but only after they’ve been cleaned and sterilized. Once a rag is used to clean a surface, we don’t use it again. Unlike some cleaning companies, we’ll never use the same rag in the kitchen and the bathroom, for example, nor will we ever use the same rag from one house to the next."
Q: Are your employees trustworthy?
A: "Yes. Our turnover is very low and most of our crew members have been working for us for five to seven years. We know and trust all of them. We pay our employees well and they have opportunities to earn monthly bonuses for quality work, so they stick with us with a sense of ownership and active participation in our principles."