Solar System, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Angie Tran is president of Solar System, Inc.
Q: Can I afford a solar energy system?
A: "Absolutely. Solar has become the cheapest way to power a home, and that includes system installation. There are several good financing programs available to California homeowners who want to take advantage of solar. We also design every system to fit the home’s usage and maximize cost-effectiveness. Our clients often see a return on their investments as early as seven years after installation. "
Q: What kind of maintenance does a solar energy system require?
A: "Not much. Solar panels don’t have a lot of moving parts; they’re basically silicone sheets with a bunch of wiring, so there’s very little that can go wrong. The only maintenance you need to do is make sure there’s no dirt, bird droppings or other buildup on the panels, which can inhibit their performance. Once a year, have a professional go on your roof, check out your panels and clean them if necessary. "
Q: Will a solar installation cause my roof to cave in?
A: "No—in fact, it’ll make your roof more structurally sound, with less chance for leaks and other problems. By utilizing the latest roof-mounting techniques, we’re typically able to add five to 10 years to a roof’s lifespan when we install a solar energy system. "
Q: Will a solar installation void my roof warranty?
A: "No. If your roof was installed within the last decade, your roof warranty should include an addendum for adding solar. Plus, with our 15-year installation warranty, you have double coverage. "
Q: Do you provide free consultations?
A: "Yes. At the consultation, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We can even do a roof survey if you want, which is also free. "