San Jose Plumbing, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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President Kevin Garza (L) and Vice President Adam Garza take pride in San Jose Plumbing’s legacy as a family business.
Q: How do you determine pricing?
A: "We often can’t quote a price over the phone without knowing the scope of the work required. We have to come to the site and look around before preparing a bid. If it’s a water heater, for instance, we can give you an estimate based on experience, but we still need to see where it’s located and what else might be involved. Prices are based on conditions and the difficulty of the job."
Q: How quickly can you get to an emergency job?
A: "If there’s an emergency, we can pull someone off a job that can be put on hold for a short time and get a plumber to the site. We typically give clients a two-hour timeframe and keep the customer informed if there are any changes."
Q: Can you work on weekends? Will it cost more?
A: "Yes, we work on weekends. Rates are the same Monday through Saturday, but we charge time and a half after 6 pm and on Sundays. But many times, we’ll assess the problem and schedule additional work for the following day to save customers money."
Q: Are you licensed and insured for liability?
A: "We’re licensed and insured. We can also supply references from some of our repeat customers."