Saber Roofing Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Ryan Saber is owner and manager of Saber Roofing.
Q: What color roof should I get?
A: "We can show you photos of houses like yours with different colored roofs on them. We’ll provide sample boards so you can choose a color. We’ll also provide addresses of jobs we've done so you can drive around, see houses with different colored roofs, and decide which will look best on yours."
Q: Do you use subcontractors?
A: "We do about 90 percent of the work ourselves, but once in a while—if there's a solar system on the roof with a bunch of piping, for example—we’ll use a plumbing contractor."
Q: Will the pounding on my roof create dirt and debris inside my home?
A: "It can, but we use painter's plastic and blue tape to cover the entire ceiling. If you store things in your attic, we’ll cover them with plastic."
Q: Why is ventilation on a house important?
A: "It's the key to cooling the roof down in the summer. It’s also required by the building department. There is also a possibility of the warranty being void with improper ventilation."