Roberts Electric Company, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You talk about maintenance for electrical work. Are there telltale signs that I need upgrading?
A: "Yes, there are. For example, are you resetting circuit breakers or changing fuses too often? Do the lights dim when you turn on your air conditioner? Do you ever smell electricity burning? Do you have six devices plugged into a single outlet, or power strips plugged into power strips? Do your three-pronged plugs need two-prong adapters? Do you run extension cords everywhere? These are all signs that your system might need maintenance or upgrading."
Q: I have a fuse box in a closet. Is that a problem?
A: "Yes, it should be removed."
Q: What about my circuit breaker panel? It’s pretty old.
A: "Updated, properly sized circuit breakers are safer to reset and calibrate for the size and load they’re connected to."
Q: Any thoughts about saving energy and money?
A: "Consider installing dimmer switches. They save 10 perfect energy consumption on the lights they control. Also consider compact and other types of fluorescent lighting. There are now lamps with much improved color rendering and an "instant-on" feature. These are sometimes even available free from PG&E and other government agencies promoting energy efficiency."
Q: How many outlets should I have in each room?
A: "Ideally, no point along the floor line (where the floor and wall meet) should be more than six feet from an outlet."