Renson Automotive, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

(408) 840-3977
1436 White Oaks Road, Suite 9
Campbell, CA 95008
Bill Faulconer is president of Renson Automotive, Inc.
Q: Do you provide detailed cost estimates?
A: "Absolutely. We’ll give you a complete quote that includes parts, labor and tax, so you’ll know the total from the start. We never surprise our customers with hidden or unexpected charges. "
Q: Will my repair last?
A: "Yes. To prevent problems from reoccurring, we take our time and diagnose each issue correctly from the very beginning. That way, we can focus on the actual problem and use high-quality, long-lasting parts to fix it. "
Q: Do I really need to keep up with my vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule?
A: "In our experience, people who follow recommended maintenance schedules are able to keep their cars on the road longer and spend less money over time. Proper maintenance prevents breakdowns, helps retain maximum resale value and gets you the best fuel mileage, so it’s definitely worth it. "
Q: Is it safe to leave my car at your shop overnight?
A: "Absolutely. Our facility is very safe and secure. "
Q: Are you licensed to perform smog tests?
A: "Yes, and we can even diagnose and repair emission systems that are tested by other shops. "