Rayne Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for plumbing work?
A: "Our fees are based on the time we spend on the job and the materials we use. A lot of plumbing companies have changed their pricing structures to a flat rate, but that’s designed for plumbers who work for commissions, and it can make homeowners feel pressured to buy items and services they don’t really want. We never sell on a commission basis. We’ll give you an estimate for the hourly rate and cost of equipment so you know what to expect in terms of cost."
Q: Will you keep my house clean while you’re working?
A: "Yes. Our plumbers work carefully and clean up after themselves without being told. They carry tarps, wear rubber booties to prevent soiling floors and take every precaution to respect each customer’s home as if it was their own."
Q: What do you recommend if I have roots in my sewer line?
A: "First, we need to get a camera into the sewer line. Once we detect where the roots are penetrating the sewer line, we can provide you with an estimate to excavate down and remove the roots. That’s the easiest and most permanent method, but we can give you other options as well."
Q: My water heater pilot light just extinguished. Do I need to worry about gas entering my house?
A: "No. In order for the gas valve to stay open, there has to be heat between the pilot and the valve. If the pilot is extinguished, the thermocoupler (the device that connects the pilot and valve) is cold and doesn’t allow electricity to flow through it. When that happens, the valve shuts off automatically."