Perfect Darkness Tint Frequently Asked Questions

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Jeremy Creager, Owner
Q: How do I get a price quote?
A: "My website shows everything I have to offer, including film benefits and pricing packages, but I can also answer questions over the phone and give you an idea of the prices that are associated with each option. "
Q: How long will it take to install window tint on my car?
A: "It depends on the type of vehicle you have, how many windows it has and what kind of film you want. Typically, a tint job on a four-door sedan takes two to four hours to complete. "
Q: Do you have to remove my windows to tint them?
A: "No. I tint the inside surfaces of the windows because they’re more stable and at a better angle, so I can guarantee a cleaner job. This also protects your car’s windows and doors from accidental damage that can occur during window removal and replacement. "
Q: How long do I have to wait before rolling down my windows?
A: "I recommend waiting three to five days before rolling down the windows. I’ll put stickers on your window switches to remind you. "
Q: Is window tinting legal?
A: "In California, there are no regulations for back windows, but front windows need to be more lightly shaded. It’s my job to educate you about the law and explain which products cross that line. "
Q: Can you install window tint that offers UV protection?
A: "Yes. All of the films I install are certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation—they block harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause cancer and premature aging. "
Q: What’s the best window film for heat rejection?
A: "I recommend 3M Crystalline film. It only comes in light shades, but it’s designed to cut out as much heat as darker tints. "
Q: Do you guarantee your work and products?
A: "Warranty coverage depends on the kind of film I install. All films are guaranteed for life, but some also have warranties for fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking and changing color. These warranties are in effect as long as you own your vehicle—product guarantees don’t transfer if the vehicle is sold. If there’s ever a problem with your window film, you can bring it to me or any 3M dealer shop and get it redone for free. "
Q: Will my window tint interfere with my navigation system or radio?
A: "That happens with some metalized films, but I don’t use any of those products, so your window film won’t interfere with your vehicle’s systems. "
Q: Is there really a difference in quality between certain types of film?
A: "Definitely. You can buy cheap window tint at any auto parts store, but it’ll probably deteriorate, fade and bubble very quickly. Every manufacturer makes multiple lines of film—some are better than others and each carries a different warranty. I only use 3M film because it’s a high-quality product. There are different quality levels within 3M products as well, so I can walk you through your options and find the right product for your needs. "