Paradigm Concrete & Construction, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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A recent foundation project by Paradigm Concrete & Construction
Q: How long will a job take? How much will it cost?
A: "Both of these questions should be answered at the time of the inquiry and stated in writing. For some standard jobs, cost and time specifics can be quoted by simple footage requirements, while other, more complicated projects demand specific cost and time quotes based on site inspections and other variables."
Q: Can I look at sample colors and finishes?
A: "Yes. We can provide samples of colors and finishes for concrete. We can do integral or surface color and finishes, including broom, sponge, sand, natural wash, stamp, overlay, and additional score lines for decorative patterns. Or we can cover the concrete with wood, tiles and other materials."
Q: What safety precautions can I expect?
A: "We have a stable work crew that’s been trained in our safety standards, and we use our own tractors, dump trucks and excavators so we’re not learning the intricacies or idiosyncrasies of different equipment every time. We’re also LEED-certified, so we work with the Environmental Protection Agency and use trained supervisors and workers should LEED practices be involved on a site."
Q: Can you show proof of insurance on-site?
A: "We readily supply proof of workers’ compensation and liability coverage, and we’re bonded and licensed."
Q: Can I see samples of your previous work?
A: "Our website has a gallery of our work and a page with a past project list, including addresses and a brief description of the work. It’s a comfort for new customers to see we have so many completed projects over so many years. It lets them know they can trust us to provide great results and a good experience."