Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions

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Alex Ortiz is owner of Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning.
Q: How long does it take to replace my A/C?
A: "One or two days, depending on whether it’s a new addition to the system or just a replacement. Getting a full, new system with new ducts can take up to a week. We do quality duct work and create systems that take a little extra time. We don't just put a bunch of plastic pipes together. We actually take the necessary time to do it right."
Q: How long does duct cleaning take?
A: "Depending on the size of the house, duct cleaning takes between two and a half to four hours on a single-family home. If you have two or three furnaces, it could take an entire day."
Q: Will I come home to a mess?
A: "No. We clean up after ourselves. We leave the home the same way we found it."
Q: How important is preventative maintenance?
A: "It’s recommended—sort of a tune-up for your system every now and then to prevent it from malfunctioning. The unfortunate part is that heating and air conditioning systems are often just left alone and neglected, leading to breakdowns sooner than normal."
Q: How often should I schedule these tune-ups?
A: "Manufacturers recommend once a year. We feel that even if people did it at least every two to three years, it would be adequate."
Q: What are the options for people with asthma or other respiratory problems?
A: "Obviously, you want to keep your filters clean—the higher-efficiency the filter, the better. You can even go up to air purifiers. Today’s air purifiers can actually kill bacteria, human influenza and bird flu. And it’s just a great, fantastic air cleaner; it’s not just a filter, it’s a purifier. These filters are expensive, but when you have people in the home who are ill, money usually isn't a big issue. I can tell you that I've done a lot of those filters for homes with sick kids, and when parents tell us their kid is doing well, it just feels really good."
Q: When’s the best time to turn on my air conditioning?
A: "Early in the morning when it’s nice and cool. Don’t wait until it gets hot, since the system will have to work much harder and you probably won’t get it to the temperature you want."