Moulding Masters Of California Frequently Asked Questions

(925) 237-1960
1070 Detroit Avenue, Unit E
Concord, CA 94518
Mark Benda is owner of Moulding Masters of California.
Q: What size of molding should I use for micromolding?
A: "That depends on the type of ceiling. For an eight-foot ceiling, we recommend anywhere from a 2.5- to a 5-inch molding."
Q: What type of baseboard should I choose?
A: "We’ll find something to complement the size and style of both the crown and baseboard."
Q: What kind of door casings should I choose?
A: "The best approach is for us to show you some door casings, because they have to be sized and proportioned—there must be a good balance between all the moldings. In general, it’s a good idea to come to our showroom and see what’s available in terms of color, paint and installation."
Q: How long will a molding job take?
A: "We can give you a free estimate. In my experience, most jobs generally take two days, depending on the scope."
Q: How much does a molding project cost?
A: "That depends on a number of factors, including the size of the job, its complexity, whether we're working on scaffolding or big extension ladders, and so forth. There are different variables."
Q: Do you offer a warranty?
A: "Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for one year. Things that can’t be foreseen, like earthquakes, aren’t covered, but I usually take care of those problems anyway to keep my customers happy."
Q: Are your employees trustworthy?
A: "Yes, and that’s very important, because they’re working in your house. I have employees who’ve been with me for 19 years. We’re a very trustworthy company, and we’ve never had any complaints. Customers say they’re impressed with the quality of our work and the people who do the installations."
Q: Do you [owner Mark Benda] personally come to the jobsite?
A: "Yes. I go to each job, talk to the customers and give them my personal cell phone number. If questions arise, I tell them to call me. I check in around noon to see how the workers are doing. Once the job is complete, I come out and see how it went."
Q: How are you with clean up?
A: "We crate all furniture and artwork with plastic, cover the walls and floor, sweep the driveway clear of all sawdust before we leave, and take all debris with us. We dust and make sure the place is spotless."
Q: How far will you travel for a job?
A: "We’ll go about an hour’s driving distance from Concord. Occasionally, we’ll make exceptions."