Moore Mechanical, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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One of Moore Mechanical’s fully stocked service vans
Q: Should I repair my system or replace it?
A: "It depends on a number of factors. If you go to a specific section of our website,, there’s a worksheet to help you decide."
Q: How do you price repairs?
A: "We’ve found that the honest, straightforward solution is a flat rate. Everyone receives the same price, taken from our price book. Our technicians can show you the price, including discounts offered for loyal customers. The repair fee includes all labor, materials and so forth."
Q: Do you pull permits?
A: "Yes, if it’s required. We’ll take care of the process and explain it to you."
Q: How do the rebate and tax credits work?
A: "We handle all the paperwork for you. We make it as simple and seamless as possible. When a job is completed, all you do is sign the paperwork and send it in."
Q: What’s the best brand to use?
A: "We’re not married to one brand. We want to put in the right product with the best value for you. We’ll typically offer one or two different options. Hopefully that’s comforting, knowing we’re not just trying to push our preferred brand."
Q: What kind of follow-up service do you offer after a job is completed?
A: "If you’re a customer, you go on our Priority List. If there's ever a problem and you call us by 10 a.m., we make our best effort to get there that day. If not, it'll be the following day."
Q: What happens with old equipment?
A: "All equipment we remove from your home is taken away and disposed of properly. Your home is covered with drop cloths wherever we're working. My men all wear booties to protect your floors from dirt or dust."
Q: Can you help me reduce allergy problems in my house?
A: "We can answer questions about air quality, whether it refers to the cleanliness of your ducts or just general problems with dust or allergies in your house. We can offer pretty much every solution possible, whether it's duct cleaning, duct work replacement, or indoor air quality products that might take care of the allergens or pollen. We bring it all to the table."
Q: Do you offer any special deals?
A: "We always have a special or coupon on our website. There are also rebates offered through our different manufacturers. Those can be up to $1,200, depending on the system you choose. We offer discounts on all our planned maintenance agreements that range from 10 to 20 percent on equipment or parts. There’s also a discount if you sign up for the three-year maintenance agreement. Plus, we always offer a 10 percent senior discount."