Manzanita Landscape Construction, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

(707) 602-7947

President James Guay, and Vice President Linda Gottuso-Guay
Q: Once you start my job, will you keep working until it’s finished?
A: "Absolutely. We never leave our customers with unfinished work. We’ll get in and out as quickly as possible so you can have your yard back."
Q: Do you provide landscape design services?
A: "Yes. Our Vice President, Linda Gottuso-Guay, is a skilled designer who can provide realistic scaled drawings during the bidding process. That way, our customers can see how their projects will look before any work begins."
Q: Do you provide landscape maintenance services?
A: "Yes. After the initial installation is complete, we send another crew to take care of follow-up maintenance. They’ve been working with us for years, so we trust them to perform excellent work."
Q: Do you clean up at the end of the workday?
A: "Absolutely. We clean up every day so the yard looks nice, and after we finish the job, we perform a final clean-up that includes power washing driveways and walkways."
Q: Can you do other types of work?
A: "We’re a licensed general contractor as well as a landscape contractor, which is very rare in this business. Along with landscaping, we can build decks, install new doors and windows, and even handle remodeling projects. It’s a good combination of skills that covers all the bases."
Q: Do you provide free estimates?
A: "Yes, we present bids free of charge. We also include a scaled design in each bid so the customer can see the plan."