Maine Electric, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

(925) 231-0744

Maine Electric’s technicians stand next to the company’s service vans.
Q: What if I need emergency electrical service?
A: "A live person answers our phones at all times, 24/7. We even have an after-hours emergency phone number, (925) 443-3377, so you can get help fast. "
Q: I’m nervous about having workers in my home. Should I be concerned?
A: "We never use subcontractors, so all of our electricians are employees of Maine Electric who have been with our company since we started in 2004. Our electricians have all passed background checks, random drug testing and have clean DMV licenses. They’re state certified journeymen electricians, are uniformed and wear ID badges for safety. And they’re clean-cut and smell good."
Q: What if I want to know how much the job will cost before you do any work?
A: "You’ll be glad to know we don’t charge an hourly rate. Instead, we have flat pricing that’s based on the job. Our prices are competitive and are well-worth the service we give. And the best part is you’ll know exactly how much the job will cost upfront."
Q: What if one of your employees is injured on my property or damages something in my home?
A: "We are licensed, bonded, insured, and have workers’ compensation insurance that covers our employees. Electrical work is what we do 100% of the time. We know what we’re doing and we know how to do it safely, so you don’t have to worry. And we know how to take care of our customers’ homes. We use entry carpets before we enter the premises, and we put down drop cloths and wear boot covers while we’re in customer homes. All of our technicians even carry vacuums in their vehicles so they leave your home clean."
Q: You also do solar installations. Why should I go solar?
A: "The benefit of solar is controlling your investment in electricity now and in the future. With solar, you’re conserving energy. And because prices will always go up, you’re also controlling the price of your energy so that it stays at one level."