Lavish Theaters Frequently Asked Questions

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Lavish Theaters recently installed this home theater system.
Q: Can you improve the quality of my audio system?
A: "Absolutely. We have a complete hi-fi division, and we can provide high resolution audio that makes a huge difference in terms of performance. "
Q: Do you work on small jobs?
A: "We specialize in complete system solutions, but we don’t shy away from doing smaller jobs. We’re a service-oriented company, so whether you want us to install a home theater or simply wall-mount your new TV, we’re happy to help. "
Q: Do you charge a minimum fee?
A: "Yes, we require a two-hour minimum service charge. "
Q: If I’m building a new house, when should I contact you?
A: "It’s never too early to get us involved in the project, even if it’s just for consultation purposes. There are a lot of practical considerations involved in what we do, so the earlier you contact us, the better the final result is likely to be. "
Q: Do you offer free consultations?
A: "Yes. We never charge for the initial consultation. "