Larsen Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets your company apart?
A: "We’re not a great big company but we’re not a little company. We’re somewhere in the middle so, we can control the quality of our work. We have 15 crews in the field."
Q: I have no idea how to shop for windows. Where do I start?
A: "I’ll take you through the showroom for a general overview. We’ll talk about which materials and brands are the longest lasting, which are most energy-efficient, how much they all cost—and whether they’re right for you. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a good general understanding of your options."
Q: Can I install my own windows?
A: "I wouldn’t recommend it. People with good basic carpentry skills can probably install a window, but many people who do try end up calling me after their second or third window saying, “This is ridiculous. You’ve got to come help me.”"
Q: Do I need triple-pane windows?
A: "I don’t think it’s necessary in California. Triple pane is more for the Midwest, up in Wisconsin and Minnesota, where it drops below freezing."