Kapriz Hardwood Floors Frequently Asked Questions

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Sergey Stotskiy, Owner
Q: Can you help me with sound control?
A: "Yes, I can use different types of underlayment to make your floor quieter when you walk on it. Once I determine your sound control goals, I’ll show you options that will meet your needs. "
Q: Is there a benefit to installing flexible wood flooring?
A: "Some engineered wood floors have special structures that make them flexible and resistant to cupping, cracking, and gaps. They’re also more resistant to humidity and moisture, so bowing and bending are less common. Installation is often easier, too, because flexible wood flooring can be glued, nailed, or stapled to concrete and wood subflooring. "
Q: What should I know about bamboo flooring?
A: "There are two types of bamboo: regular and strength-woven. Regular bamboo is soft and cut vertically and horizontally. Strength-woven bamboo is constructed by pressing particles of bamboo together to make it hard. "
Q: What are the differences between engineered and solid wood flooring?
A: "Solid wood flooring is made up of a 3/4-inch piece of solid wood throughout. Engineered wood has a plywood base and a top layer hardwood veneer. Engineered flooring is very stable, and motion doesn’t affect it as much as it affects solid wood flooring. Solid wood can cup when exposed to moisture, and weather can affect it by making it expand and contract. Engineered wood is very stable and doesn’t react to weather and humidity. "