J. Hettinger Interiors Frequently Asked Questions

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A recent residential interior design project by J. Hettinger Interiors
Q: Can you help me find a design to match my budget?
A: "Absolutely. It’s our job to determine your individual needs and find materials and items that meet those needs. We carry products from more than 350 manufacturers, so we have the resources to fit any budget. We can get you that ‘wow’ factor by using products that have all the qualities you’re looking for without the big price points. "
Q: How does the design process work?
A: "The first thing we’ll do is develop a budget with you. You might already have an idea of what you can spend, so by talking about it right away, we can make sure everyone is on the same page. We’re always upfront about how much things cost so there are no surprises later—you’ll have plenty of time to plan and save accordingly. "
Q: Do you have experience with all styles of interior design?
A: "Yes. There’s no specific design style we can’t do, and we customize every design to what the client wants. We’ll visit your home to get a sense of how you see things and determine the best starting point. If you have a hard time putting what you want into words, we’ll pull up pictures of styles you like and build around that. "
Q: How much will my interior design project cost?
A: "Every project is different, so once we determine the extent of the work, we can give you an estimate. Prices vary depending on your budget, the rooms you want done, the furniture or accessories you need and any additional services you want. "
Q: Do you have a showroom?
A: "Yes. Our Alamo showroom allows us to show our clients what we can do, and we also have the versatility to completely change the display every six months, so we’re always showing the newest looks, colors and styles. "
Q: Can you design my vacation home if it’s outside of the Bay Area?
A: "Of course. We’ve worked on everything from vacation homes in Hawaii and South Africa to private yachts. Call us about your specific situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate. "
Q: Will you use computer software to create my design?
A: "Yes. We use the AutoCAD program to help us plan spaces, integrate cabinetry and more. "