IRC All Siding Frequently Asked Questions

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A tear down and new exterior project by IRC All Siding
Q: Why are your services more expensive than those of other companies?
A: "You have to compare apples to apples—if other contractors offer the same services but at lower prices, it’s very likely that they’ll cut corners and abide by minimum standards of workmanship. If you aren’t aware of what it takes to complete a siding project, you’re going to think you’re getting a better deal, but you’ll eventually encounter expensive problems. "
Q: What are some of the most common problems with exterior siding?
A: "The biggest problems we see are inferior materials and poor installations. The main issue is that some contractors only adhere to the minimum industry standards. In areas with dry climates like Arizona, the minimum is probably enough, but the Bay Area gets a decent amount of rainfall, so doing the bare minimum will eventually create problems. If your house has wood siding but has two or more stories or doesn’t have a large overhang, you’re almost guaranteed to have problems if the work was only done to minimum standards. You have to go above the minimum if you want your home’s exterior to last. "
Q: I’m considering buying a house that may have siding issues. Will you come perform a free estimate?
A: "We typically only do free estimates for homeowners, not prospective homebuyers. In most cases, we’ve found that prospective buyers are more interested in finding ways to reduce the selling price than having the repairs done. "
Q: Can you fix my downstairs window if it’s leaking?
A: "A lot of homeowners call us during the rainy season to fix leaky windows, especially if they have two-story homes. The first thing we ask is if there’s another window located right above the leaky one. If the answer is yes, it usually means the upper window wasn’t flashed right and allows water to run down the wall to the first-story window. To solve this problem, the window needs to be properly re-flashed. Sometimes, this simply requires a new pan, but if it’s a low-quality window, the whole thing needs to be replaced. Once the leaking starts, window replacement is really the only permanent solution to the problem. "