Holly & Associates, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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A recent project by Holly & Associates
Q: How long will my project take to complete?
A: "It depends on the size and scope of the project, but if we spend the right amount of time planning, the schedule will go as smoothly as possible. There’s no substitute for good planning, which is why we always encourage our clients not to rush their projects. "
Q: Can you design my project or do I need to bring in a designer?
A: "We have plenty of design experience and definitely offer that service, but we also don’t discourage our clients from bringing in their own designers. "
Q: What’s your approach to pricing?
A: "Unlike most contracting firms, we don’t bid on projects. We feel that bidding is an inherently adversarial process because contractors look for every possible way to cut costs in order to get the price down. It sets people up for the cheapest job, not the best job. In contrast, we take a collaborative approach and work together with our clients to both direct and control costs. "
Q: Can you provide a product that meets my needs and is also affordable?
A: "Yes. One of the features of our ‘open book’ approach is our use of the budget as a controlling device. By keeping costs under control and collaborating with clients, we can adjust and tailor their budgets to achieve their goals for the prices they need. "
Q: How will permitting, zoning and other legal restrictions affect my project?
A: "We actually work closely with an engineering services company that can answer those kinds of questions. This company also provides engineering services that we often employ to determine these kinds of issues and come up with effective solutions. "