High Definition Solar Frequently Asked Questions

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Chris Zepponi, Vice President of Sales
Q: Is solar power worth the investment?
A: "It’s definitely something you should look into. Every home and family has different objectives when it comes to going solar, but they all have one thing in common: they want to secure their future, even if it’s in a small way like controlling their energy spending. The easiest way to do that is to have us come out, get on your roof, determine exactly how much energy you’re consuming and let you know how profitable a solar power system would be. "
Q: Shouldn’t I wait to see what new technology comes out in a couple of years?
A: "No. More and more people are installing solar power systems every day, and those people are able to join the Net Metering Agreement, which means they can send excess power back to the grid and receive credits. But the race is on—once the utility companies reach their cap on solar power, they’ll no longer have to give out Net Metering Agreements. People who get in now will be grandfathered in, but those who wait might miss out. "
Q: How long will my solar installation take to complete?
A: "Typically, we can install a solar system in one or two days. Some jobs might require special care, such as tiles that can’t be walked on. In those instances, we may have to use a lift or other accommodations that can add time to the job, but we’ll determine that before work begins. "
Q: How long will my new solar panels last?
A: "The manufacturer provides a 25-year warranty on the solar panels we install, and they’re expected to last even longer. "
Q: Will you take care of my roof while you’re installing my new solar system?
A: "Absolutely. We’re a licensed roofing contractor as well as a licensed solar installer, so we understand the importance of working carefully when installing a solar system on a roof. "
Q: Do you handle the permitting process?
A: "Yes. We have a simple process that we follow every time. First, we make sure everything is written properly and perform a site check before creating the plans. After that, we go to the city or county and take care of the permit. This process usually takes three to six days from the time you sign the paperwork. As soon as we hear back about the permit, we can start installing your solar system. "