Golden State Granite Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long will my granite project take to complete?
A: "It depends on a variety of factors, but we always do our best to get in and out in a timely manner. We’ll give you an estimated timeframe before we begin, and we’re able to finish within that timeframe about 90 percent of the time. "
Q: Can you help me choose a granite product?
A: "Absolutely. We can accompany you to stores or showrooms and give you suggestions as to which products would work best for your specific situation. "
Q: Should I go with natural stone or an artificial material?
A: "In our opinion, natural stone is a better choice because it wears better over time and is easier to repair if you ever have an issue like chipping or denting. Some people prefer artificial products because of their low maintenance and color uniformity, and those are perfectly valid reasons as well. It’s all about finding the product that’s right for you. "
Q: Will there be dust during my project?
A: "Granite counter installation projects often require some demolition work as well, which means existing countertops need to be cut, and that process creates fine dust. However, we always take measures to minimize dust, from protecting floors and covering entryways to using a high-powered vacuum to keep the dust contained. "
Q: Will the seam be visible on my granite countertop?
A: "Long seams always show, but by minimizing the length of our seams, we can make them less intrusive. "