General Roofing Company Frequently Asked Questions

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Michael Wakerling is owner of General Roofing Company.
Q: How long will my roofing job take?
A: "That depends on the scope of the job. We can give an accurate timeline after we’ve looked at the roof and determined what needs to be done."
Q: Is there a lot of debris that goes into the attic or around the ground?
A: "We usually don't tarp the inside of an attic for liability reasons, but if you ask in advance, we can accommodate. We work hard to minimize the problem of debris falling into the attic. We put tarps on plants and the ground, and we do a ground cleanup with blowers and magnets to catch nails."
Q: Can you explain the different types of shingles that are available?
A: "The 30- and 40-year shingles have turned into the basic shingles. It's like having a Chevrolet or Ford—you drive it to work every day and it's dependable. One question we always ask is, ‘How long do you plan on staying in your home? Are you going to get the value back if you choose a more expensive shingle, or will a 40-year shingle work?’"
Q: What type of warranties do you offer?
A: "A typical shingle warranty is pro-rated for 30 years, so if your roof fails in the 15th year and the material was originally $2,000, your warranty will cover $700 or $800. If you get the CertainTeed manufacturer’s extended warranty (which are included on 50-year roofs), the replacement isn’t pro-rated. CertainTeed pays for the tear off, the dump and the whole redo."
Q: What can you tell me about ventilation?
A: "Ventilation is an important component to making a roof last. We try to educate our customers on different options. For example, you can install a ridge vent system or you can upgrade to a power fan. We try and design a system that works for our customers and ventilates their roofs as much as possible."
Q: How do I know if I need a whole new roof?
A: "We’re completely honest when we assess a roof. We’ll maintain it if possible, and we'll never suggest a new roof just to get the work."