Four Paws Pet Ranch Frequently Asked Questions

(707) 902-3984
3410 Guerneville Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
David Weiss is owner of Four Paws Pet Ranch.
Q: What types of pets do you board?
A: "We mainly board dogs and cats, but we also have experience boarding chickens, snakes, turtles, rabbits, goats, pigs, rats and many other types of animals. "
Q: Are your staff members qualified to care for my pet?
A: "Yes, all our employees are trained in animal first aid, and they’re pet owners themselves so they know how to make animals feel safe and comfortable. "
Q: How often will my dog be in its kennel?
A: "Most dog boarding facilities keep dogs in their kennels for most of the day, but we’re the opposite. The only times we put dogs in their kennels is to eat and sleep—they’re outside playing the rest of the time. "
Q: How do you keep your boarding kennel clean?
A: "We have a cleaning and disinfecting regimen that goes on throughout the week, and we have an onsite laundry facility so we can regularly wash bedding. Kennel cough for dogs is like the flu for humans, so we can’t completely guarantee your dog will never have a problem with illness, but we train our staff on cleaning procedures and work hard to keep the boarding areas as clean as possible. "
Q: Will you board dogs that aren’t social with other dogs?
A: "Yes. We have separate areas to keep dogs that aren’t social with other dogs, and they still receive the same high level of care. "
Q: Can you administer my dog’s medications?
A: "Yes, we can give your dog shots and pills, and we’re even able to care for dogs that have recently had surgery by keeping them in their own indoor/outdoor runs while they heal. "
Q: Can I bring my dog to your dog park?
A: "Yes, but keep in mind that our dog park is membership-only. The main reason for that is so we can make sure all the dogs have their shots, are spayed or neutered, and are sociable with other dogs. The park is open seven days a week, and there’s an annual membership fee of $25, which is donated in its entirety to Countryside Animal Rescue. "
Q: What are your dog daycare rates?
A: "Our normal daycare rate is $20 a day. However, you can buy a 30-day package that brings the cost down to $15 a day, and you have a year to use that package. We can also deduct boarding fees from your daycare package. "
Q: What types of dog training classes do you offer?
A: "We offer private classes, group classes, board-and-train options, and in-home training. You’ll meet with our trainer, see what you need to work on with your dog and determine the best course of action. "