Envirotek Restoration, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to clean my deck?
A: "Most jobs take between two and three days."
Q: How long will my deck stay clean?
A: "From one to two years, depending on exposure—especially the sun and rain."
Q: After the cleaning, when can I walk on my deck or put furniture on it?
A: "Typically, you should wait 48 hours."
Q: Are all your products safe for the environment, plants, animals and humans?
A: "Yes. We use TWP, a high-quality, nontoxic cleaner. In fact, nearly all products in California are regulated that way. They’re safe."
Q: Can you clean my outdoor wood furniture, too?
A: "Yes. We can clean and treat any exterior wood. We do a lot of furniture, shingles and shake siding of houses."
Q: What exactly is brightener?
A: "Brightener neutralizes any chemicals on a deck and lightens up the wood."
Q: Do I have to worry about cleaner running off my deck and harming my plants or soil?
A: "No. The cleaner we use won’t hurt your plants, but we’ll cover them anyway."